Your puppy has received their first set of shots and has been de-wormed, however, it takes a series of shots to provide full immunity. And as such, we strongly recommend that you keep your puppy at home and away from other dogs (especially unvaccinated ones) until 10 days after the full series of vaccinations are complete. When taking your puppy to the Vet for their initial exam and subsequent shots, we strongly stress the importance of not letting your puppy touch any surface that has not been cleaned with bleach or hydrogen peroxide. A good suggestion is to take a couple of towels with you from home and place them on the exam table before setting your puppy down, than washing the towels with hot water and bleach once you get home. There is also a risk of your puppy contracting an illness if they are let out in your yard before vaccinations are complete. We have already started training your puppy to use potty pads and that is a good way to continue, at least until vaccinations are complete. Not following these guidelines can expose your puppy to serious illnesses that they have no immunity to. Common puppy problems that occur that are either non-life threatening or curable are not guaranteed by Dry Creek Poodles. We recommend that you take a stool sample for your puppy’s initial exam to be tested for worms and parasites, which are common in puppies and can be treated by your Vet.  

   To qualify for our 72 Hour Well Puppy Health Guarantee and our 1 Year Genetic Health Guarantee, you must take your puppy to your personal Veterinarian for an initial exam within 72 business hours of receiving them. Within those 72 hours, we guarantee against any incurable congenital defects only, and if the Vet finds that your puppy has such, at that initial exam, the puppy may be returned for a refund of the purchase price, minus shipping and any non-refundable deposit. We will not responsible for any Vet fees associated with that exam and buyer will be responsible for return shipping. If you don’t have the puppy examined within 72 business hours, this Warranty will be considered null and void, and no refund will be given even if the puppy is returned. If problems are found and you don't notify us within that 72 business hours, this Warranty will be considered null and void and no refund will be given. A report from your Vet, signed and dated by them on their business letterhead, detailing their findings, must be obtained and provided to us, and a second Vet of our choice must be allowed (at our expense) to examine the puppy again. If both Veterinarians agree that there is an incurable, life threatening genetic defect which existed at the time of purchase, and providing that the puppy has been properly cared for in the purchaser’s possession, we then guarantee to refund the purchase price of the puppy only, minus any shipping charges or non-refundable deposit. Purchaser will be responsible for all Vet fees and return shipping expenses. A copy of this contract, as well as all registration papers, immunization and health records must accompany the return of the puppy. No refund will be given if a female has been bred. 

   Should death occur within this initial 72 hour period, we must be notified immediately and an autopsy must be performed at a Certified Diagnostic Laboratory, at the purchasers expense, to determine the cause of death, and a written report of the findings must be provided to us. If the death was caused by a congenital genetic defect only, a full refund will be provided, minus any deposit, shipping or veterinary  expenses.

   If within the first 12 months of the puppy’s life it is found to have an incurable, life—threatening genetic illness, the buyer has the option of returning the dog to us in exchange for a replacement puppy of the same or lesser monetary value, unless buyer agrees to pay the difference in cost for a more valuable puppy. All conditions from above must be met and buyer is responsible for all veterinary and shipping costs, both of the return and the replacement puppy. We will have 12 months to replace the puppy if we don’t have a suitable one available at that time.

   Dry Creek Poodles guarantees puppy for one year from the date of birth to be free from hip and elbow dysplasia.  If in the event this should occur, written test results from a certified radiologist is required for a replacement puppy.  Transportation and veterinarian fees are the sole responsibility of the buyer.  Upon return of the puppy, the Breeder will replace the puppy within 6 months.  If the Breeder cannot replace the puppy within 6 months, the Buyer will receive a full refund of the purchase price.

   Other than the above guarantee, we assume no monetary responsibility for puppies once they leave our premises. Any illness, trauma, stress or stress~related consequences incurred due to mishandling during delivery or transportation, or in the process of the puppy adjusting to a new home, new routine and new food, are not covered by our Health Guarantee.

   Common puppy problems that occur that are curable or non—life threatening is not guaranteed under this limited Health Guarantee. 

   Color as well is impossible to guarantee because many poodles can carry a fading gene, which causes the puppy’s color to fade as they gets older. If we think that there is a chance the puppy's color will change we will try to make sure and point it out to you. Temperament is another factor that is impossible to guarantee. We observe and interact with these puppies enough that we can give you a basic idea of personality, but much more about the temperament develops as the puppy grows and interacts with you, your family, and their environment, and as such we cannot make any guarantees concerning temperament. We make no guarantees as to the reproductive health or breeding potential of the puppy. This includes, but is not limited to, fertility at adulthood, descent of testicles, any difficulties whelping puppies, any injury incurred during breeding or whelping, or death of the bitch or pups during whelping.  

   If your puppy is being sold with a spay/neuter contract they should be neutered or spayed between 18 to 24 months of age. At this point, you can contact us to request your AKC Registration Form(s). Upon receiving a signed statement by the Veterinarian or copy of a detailed receipt as proof, we will mail you the required forms. 

   If you are purchasing a dog that is over 6 months of age, this Warranty will change from 12 months old to 6 months from Date of Purchase. 

   This Guarantee is nontransferable and applies only to the original buyer.

   In the event that this dog is MISTREATED, NEGLECTED or ABUSED in any way, kept outside in EXTREME COLD or HEAT CONDITIONS, or kept on WIRE FLOORING at any time during its life, Seller will have the right to immediately repossess the dog, along with all AKC papers and health records. Buyer will be responsible for any and all legal fees and court costs incurred by Seller if legal action is required to repossess the dog.